Eliminate Thrips on your Marijuana Plants Right Now

Man theses creatures are ugly aren't they?

Looks like Alien and Predator had a baby.

​Lets get a bit more serious and find out a little about these things called thrips and how to get rid of them for good.


One of the most common pests you might have to deal with when growing is getting thrips on your marijuana plants.

Theses insects are just as famous as root aphids when it comes to causing a disturbance in the middle of a grow.

Thrips are known to be a pest of flowers and vegetables, so depending on where you live they can appear from anywhere.

The thrip can impact your marijuana plants the most when growing outdoors but can also be a nuisance indoors as well.

There are over six thousand different species of thrips in the world and are a common threat to marijuana growers.

How long do they live?

thrips life cycle

The stages of the thrips life.


Thrips life cycle consists of going from eggs to larvae to adults, in a total of nineteen days at 70-degree Fahrenheit.

If you increase temperature by five more degrees they become adults in just thirteen days!

Adults can live up to thirty days, and the females lay 2- 10 eggs per day. That's correct per day. According to University of California

If you cannot control and eliminate the outbreak, your plants will become stunted and will affect the harvest.

Where do thrips come from?

cannabis thrip


Thrips come from flowers, vegetables and plants that appear in the spring time in seasonal climates and make their way into your marijuana garden.

Usually on clothes from outside that were in contact with the insects.

In warmer climates, they are around all year and live on many different species of plants.

Or if you were at another growers house and the thrips decided to hitch a ride.

Signs of Thrips on Marijuana

  • Silver/gold spots or patches on leaves/stems
  • Flying around by soil
  • Crawling on leaves and stems
  • Leaves turning yellow, brown and breaking off
  • Lower leaves a common location for thrips

Thrip Damage 

thrips on marijuana
thrips on cannabis leaf
thrips marijuana

How to Get Rid of Thrips

thrip on cannabis

There are many ways to get rid of thrips on your marijuana plants. The ones I recommend are the all natural kind.

Note: If you notice thrips when flowering it may be too late. Treat with natural soap solution mixed with water first.

Yellow sticky traps these are the best first defense for thrips or any other flying insects in the garden.

Just place these around the top of your pots or hydroponics tubs to catch all the adults so they cannot keep reproducing.

Neem oil which is common in some growers supply closets because of its multi-purpose use.

What the neem oil does is it affects leaf eating insects by making them forget to eat if interrupts their hormonal balance.

Spray on your leaves once a day for about three to five days depending on the outbreak.

Mix 1 tsp with one liter or a quart of water. You can add more or less water to the strength you desire.

Nematodes are a must in any garden, in my opinion because they are so beneficial to your garden in preventing any insects that lay eggs from causing an infestation from occurring.

Lady bugs can be another alternative if you can get these at your local grow shop or now even on Amazon with live delivery check it out. The Thrip Killer !

lady bug marijuana


Those Ladybugs love the thrips and just eat them right up. Perfect for outdoor grows.

Make sure you are using a closed system indoor to prevent them from spreading through your other rooms.


Spinosad is an ingredient in some organic insecticides and can be sprayed on plants or even used when watering. 

Spinosad is not safe for using outdoors because  is toxic to bees. According to PubMED and the National Pesticide Information Center.

Insecticidal soap for thrips are used a lot by growers because of it all natural ingredients and is safe to plants and humans.

You can use regular dish soap by mixing a 1 percent solution to water and spray on the leaves of your plants.

What the soap does is is suffocate the thrips.

You can also purchase some name brand if you need more of a heavier dose of insecticide to kill the thrips.

Azamax for thrips on your cannabis is another means, but I usually leave this until the last resort as it does the same as the Spinosad.

That is it's an anti-feeder meaning the insect cannot feed anymore on your leaves, so they eventually die off.

Check out the video on how to identify thrips,

As I stated earlier, I prefer using natural solutions first to get rid of thrips on marijuana plants.

Sometimes theses insects are hard to avoid, and they usually appear out of nowhere.

Always keep an eye on your plants to make sure no thrips are wanting to make a new home in your marijuana garden.

What have your experiences been with thrips?

Let me know in the comments below.

Grow on my friends.​


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